We are delighted to publish The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix: a dancing warrior’s path by Caroline Carey.

This latest book focuses on the in-depth healing occurring when we engage our bodies in movement and connect to our hearts.

I cover attitudes to addiction and parenting. I bring my own stories to everything I write about. I write about Soul Retrieval and for ourselves as well as collectively – healing the soul of community, ancestors and the planet. I include much poetry and prose intermingled with teachings from the heart. I write about Leaving Home and other Rites of Passage. It is not a ‘how to’ book but a living example of how we can heal ourselves from the past.

As a mother of an alcoholic/addict I share my sons near suicide and the challenges I have as a mother, overcoming the terrible fear that lurks in my life of a child taking one’s life. I write from my experience of childhood sexual abuse and the changes I made in my life to overcome it. I made huge and positive steps since first writing my autobiography.


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