We are very happy to publish The Hairy Arsed Builder’s Guide to Stress Management by Dave Lee.

THIS BOOK MAKES SO MUCH SENSE, builder or not, hairy arse or not.

Dave Lee has written the book from the perspective, and in the language and style of a hairy arsed builder: simple, to the point, yet effective using various strategies – or as Lee refers to them – ‘tools’ to get the job done.

Lee’s tools for peace of mind are not rocket science. Everyone will claim to think that they know them and use them already. But the truth is: if we all were using them, then how come the world is as it is? A straight-talking bloke, Lee has no time for convoluted, air-fairy, woo-faffy psycho-babble: this man says it as he see’s it.

Dave Lee should be praised for having the courage & guts to write this book. There are countless self help books on the market today, what makes this book so magical is its target audience…You won’t need a degree & a dictionary to ‘get’ this book and it’s all the more better for it!

“Having heard much about this book from its Genesis to completion I have now had the privilege of reading the completed work. Working in a Construction environment can be stressful at whatever level you participate but it is a macho industry, very few would even admit to suffering from stress let alone take advice on how to handle it. If this about sums you up take my advice, buy this book in secret and read it under the bed clothes at night!

Dave writes from experience, his common sense approach on how to return the “curved balls” life sometimes throws at us is refreshing in its simplicity. 


There are plenty of pointers as to how to fill your toolbox with all the tools you may need for this DIY approach to managing stress.

 If you are not a hairy arsed builder don’t be put off. Dave’s approach to improving the management of life could smooth your path wherever you choose to walk.



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