We are proud to publish Who Am I? What Do I want to Do? – Stoneman, Jacqui.

“Who Am I? What do I want to do?” is a unique approach to preparing teenagers for the world beyond education. It is designed to help young people with the transition from education to employment and to appreciate that making this move successfully depends on much more than just good grades.

Working through the “Who Am I” programme helps young people to: • Analyse and appreciate the life skills they already have • Understand the value of money and the basics of financial control • Identify their secret goals and ambitions • Know how to target the right kinds of companies • Make a start on finding suitable jobs – with sources of help • Put an effective CV together • Write great covering letters to make their job applications stand out • Be prepared for interviews so that they can shine with confidence.

The first objective is to build self-confidence and understanding and to recognise how existing skills and experience relate to a work environment. In an increasingly complex working world, where careers support and funding are being reduced,


 it can be difficult to find the time to look at what a young person wants to do and who they want to become. 

This book helps young people to do just that.



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