We are¬†proud to publish Rex Sumner’s In Search of spice.

Riveting historical fantasy romance bringing to life the 15th century
15th Century customs and peoples brought to life in all their astonishing variety and beliefs. A fantasy book that creates a world different from our own yet hauntingly familiar.

Fighting princesses, court intrigue, vicious pirates, starkly different islanders, all come together in a delightful melting pot of a novel, spiced with a touch of almost believable magic. There is masses of fighting, individual and battles, on land and sea, with stalwart soldiers, unerring archers and invisible assassins, all brought to life with devastating touches of humanity and a liberal dose of humour.


Combine the above with complex inter-personal relationships and affairs, trade and esoteric sailing lore and you revel in In Search of Spice.

An historical fantasy novel that will make you laugh out loud before switching to rapt attention as you turn the pages.



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