We are delighted to publish Mike and Cyn: Do you remember by Mike George.

GENTLEMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE will recall with nostalgic affection the stories told by Mike George (a then serving British army officer) in the original Mayfair magazine back in the 1970s, which in those days were considered rude and devilishly pornographic. How times change! Re-reading those tales today one realises that they are not especially edgy, but really marriage-guidance advice given in a remarkably sensitive and humorous manner.

Mike George was ahead of his time. There was the occasion when he suggested to Cyn that they should participate in a swingers’ party. Talking this through, Cyn points out to her young husband what the consequences could be, which of course had never entered his head. Funny how her ‘take’ on the subject changes his mind . . . Or the time Mike pesters his lovely Cyn about her pre-marital assignations, finally provoking a monstrous list of one night stands and gang-bangs that quite cures his curiosity.


For the first-time reader, a fascinating insight into how Mum and Dad used to live and think!.

These stories are very much warnings of the consequences of straying in order to follow the current supposed fashion, told in Mike George’s wondrously amusing and appealing style. Re-read Mike and Cyn’s stories and you will be transported back to a more innocent time, bursting with suggestiveness and allowing the mind to fantasize proactively. 



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