We are proud to publish  – Mistress of the King – Rex Sumner.

Susan Taylor is a little girl who wants to be a queen. A thrilling encounter with a real queen is a fairy-tale for her – with unexpected consequences which change her life, making her unable to fit in with her peers.
Forced to move to the capital several years later, the now sixteen year old catches the eye of the widowed king. His attention could be equally disastrous, for the Church is stretching its muscles and doesn’t approve of mistresses, and the nobles would prefer their own daughters in the king’s bed, not to mention with the king’s ear.

Adrift in a sea of intrigue, Susan finds unexpected strength and help at hand. But are they really her friends? Can she trust them when it matters? Most important of all, can she trust her own instincts?

Many of the characters are reminiscent of famous people from history, and it is fun working out who they are.
A romp through 16th century Europe as it might have been, offering insights into the ordinary lives of people.
Princes and Kings, intrigue, magic, affairs, military skills, early dances, the theatre. A book that takes you at pace through history, making you wonder what really happened.




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