We are proud to publish MS’ Guided Angel – Caroline Carey.

Any one who has had a challenge or traumatic experience in their childhood will know something of the experiences of being numb, of detachment and the inability to be present in day to day living.

Shock and trauma will detach us from the world, from relationships and from what we love. We will try to avoid situations that remind us of the original trauma. Often a fantasy world is lived through the eyes of the experience. In order to fulfill our lives we need to find a way to fully bring ourselves back.

Caroline writes about her own experience of abuse and turns it around to show that it can actually be a valuable teaching, connecting us to the spiritual realms and finding ways to heal from the trauma. By not dismissing the challenges within relationships she began to unveil why she was having them. This led her to discover that the more she moved her body, accessed deep wounds and past history she was able to deal with an emotional back log and began to re-create herself, taking positive steps forward to change her life.

Her experience shows that we can discover ways in which our own story can benefit and teach others. Becoming an empathetic teacher and writer she shares her experiences and teaches from them. She teaches locally and internationally and is available to hold movement and dance workshops to enable deep and transformative healing. Included in her work are poems, shamanic journeys and rituals in the shamanic world that she has undertaken.

She now works with her partner cinematographer Ben Cole, creating workshops that include dance, film and teachings from around the world. You can view their work by visiting www.alchemyinmovement.com




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