We are delighted to publish this second book in the Poetry For The Awakening series by Vanessa Bristow-Rose.

For centuries poets have used the power of the pen for expression through rhyme and verse. Every word selected carefully to delight, inspire and even shock. Poetry can deliver a message and give information in a compact, direct and entertaining way.

‘The Lion Within’ is the second book in the Poetry For The Awakening series. It is a book consisting of poems which hold messages for this unique time. Planet Earth is going through a major transition which has been prophesied by the ancestors of many indigenous nations and tribes across the globe.


If our planet really is changing then all life upon her must prepare for change too.

Most of the poetry in this book has a spiritual approach and is written to help us to remember who we are and that the power lies within us to ensure that changes in our world can be for the better and that the transition to that.



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