Automatic Writing Review

Get an instant review by return of how your prose measures up:

Doing this early in your writing phase can weed out poor habits saving you hours of editing later down the line.

Statistics; dialogue tags; adverbs; passive voice; showing vs telling; generic; pace; clichés; redundancies; fillers; frequency and sentence starters. Finally, it will compare your prose with published fiction and tell you which words you use too frequently.

A report that you will want time and again in your personal editing process.

Please upload your document after checkout. Thank you.

$45.00 $25.00


Step by step

This is a very fast service, one we turn around straight away.

  • On checkout you will be prompted to upload your manuscript .
  • On receipt of your manuscript, we run it through a computer program which analyses your writing style.
  • We email you the results.
    Please add our email to your contacts list to avoid it going to SPAM.

Thank you.

Example results

auto-critique-generic-my-voice-publishing-book-publish auto-critique-fingerprint-my-voice-publishing-book-publish auto-critique-generic-compared-my-voice-publishing-book-publish auto-critique-pronouns-my-voice-publishing-book-publish


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