Elite Coaching

Your MyVoice Coach is here to make you the best writer possible. (Not for life issues or career problems).

The Elite Coaching package allows you four emails and one telephone call of 45 minutes per month plus two Automatic Critiques.

Nothing beats the personal touch for improving your writing and keeping you on track.




Coaching practice

Your MyVoice coach is your best route to being the best writer you can  be.

With an initial telephone call, your coach will digest your situation and start you on the path to greater success.

They will be harsh when you do not measure up, encouraging when you do and able to banish the fog of the dreaded block. Your current situation is established and a plan created for completing your book, using the system that most resonates with you.

Once your coaching plan is agreed, your MyVoice Coach will be ruthless in ensuring you stick to it.  Your emails will be reports on what is achieved.


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