Line Editing

Paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, and language-related techniques.

You want your book to be clear and pleasurable to read, limiting generalisations and cliches. We ensure your book flows and communicates  appropriate atmosphere, tone and pacing.

Please enter the number of words in Thousands (e.g. 40 = 40,000) rounded up.
(Minimum 2 = 2,000 words)
You can email us your document or upload after checkout.

$12.50 - Per 1000 Words



Line is about paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, and language-related techniques. That also means voice, style, readability, and forward movement.

Line editing extends Proof Reading and focuses on the way you use language to communicate your prose to the reader. Is your language clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read? Does it convey an appropriate sense of atmosphere, emotion, and tone? Do the words you’ve chosen convey a precise meaning, or are you using broad generalizations and clichés?

First, we will read your document and give you feedback. If a major re-write is required, we’ll ask you to implement that and resubmit your book. Then we’ll get down to business!




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