MyVoice Marketing Success Plan

Marketing your book takes time and effort. It requires a strategy applied with the same focus and dedication as writing your book. There’s no quick fix – even spending buckets of money won’t work. 

This Success Plan details the steps you need to take to build a successful Book program.

  1. Learn how to find Champions for your work .
  2. Discover your champions email addresses.
  3. Learn how to build relationships with them.
  4. Learn the role different people will play in your book launch.
  5. Learn how to build a snowball effect for your future publications.

Your main aim is to create a program for your book and build relationships with other people who have influence in your book subject and translate them into champions of your work. This plan helps you find them and work with them in the most effective way possible.




Snippet from the plan:

Digital communities

You will need to build different digital communities for different purposes, these include; Early Adopters, Ambassadors, Influencers and Customers.

These communities will be your resource for your digital book launches and ongoing sales.

Early adopters

These are people who are interested in following your work before it is launched. They are people who are enthusiastic about your content and or you! (Yes, you have value too!).

A good way to attract these people is to offer pre-release incentives such as early access to your book, interaction with your writing processes (blog posts of progress), free samples of your work or a course.

Giving Early Adopters access to your book pre-launch will also give them a change to read your work and write reviews ready for your book launch day 1.

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