Self-Publish Support

MyVoice Publishing will prepare your book layout and cover ready for sale on Amazon.

It’s a daunting process, especially for the non-technical so we handle all the details for you so you can relax.

You can choose to publish your book in printed and e-book or e-book only versions and will own the complete rights to your book and directly receive all Royalties.

Please see below for full details our services.

Please send us your book proposal and return here to purchase publishing once we have accepted it. Thank you.










Layout: We ensure correct margins, blank pages, good font, the size, title page verso, and many other little foibles.  (Image layouts not included in the base price)

ISBN: We provide you with your International Standard Book Number.

Cover: You provide your cover image, we arrange the book cover to suit your desired book size. We also offer  full cover design options.

Pricing: We recommend a price for your book based on the best Royalty/Sales return for you, but ultimately you choose.

Distribution: You book will then be listed and available for printing and/or e-book on Amazon.

Royalties: You will have exclusive rights to your Amazon Royalties (70% or 35% depending on the option you choose)

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