We are very happy to publish The Survivalists Book 2 – The Finale by Francis Wait.

In earth’s history there have been several eruptions that literally wiped out almost the entire population of the whole planet. One such is the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera in Arizona. In the last 1.2 million years it has exploded twice with devastating force that resulted in the earth descending into so-called Nuclear Winter. During this time the sun is blocked out by the volcanic dust and no crops can grow or animals survive. Geologists have proved that this happens on a regular cycle of about 600,000 years. The last time this happened was 640,000 years ago when nothing larger than a dog survived. So the world is overdue for another enormous disaster, but when? Nobody knows.

Nobody in the entire world has taken the trouble to prepare for this cataclysmic event, except for one man who truly believes that it will happen in our lifetime. He finds out that the US Government is in possession of secret reports predicting the disaster will happen soon. They will prepare to survive this event, but he knows that they will be looking to save themselves rather than the general public.

He convinces his family and friends to take action to survive themselves.

Book 1 detailed their move to Australia and the establishment of commune that would survive the coming holocaust.


Here in Book 2 the eruption occurs and the survivors have to contend not just with the environment, but other survivors..

The veil of civilization drops off quickly.



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