We are proud to publish Who’s a Chatty Boy Then? by Elizabeth Wright.

This is a step-by-step instruction book on how to teach your budgerigar to talk.

Elizabeth Wright is one of the best bird trainers. She won the Best Talking Bird competition in the UK four times, and on one occasion occupied the top three places with three different birds. She also occupied 6th place and had a fourth place in the Budgerigar class that year. After she stopped entering her birds into competition, she became a steward for the International Ornithological Association.

She is acknowledged as one of the World’s foremost talking bird experts and has published articles in magazines around the world.
In this book, she explains first how to select the perfect budgerigar to learn to talk. She details the process in which the bird is tamed and prepared for talking. Finally she explains how to persuade it to talk.
It is very clear from this book that most ideas on how to train a bird fail because basic steps are missed out. Elizabeth concentrates on the all important preparatory stages, after which the actual talking takes no time. She makes it seem very simple, and her track record speaks for itself.


How to teach your budgerigar to talk turns out to be very simple when you use the Wright method..

If you would like to own a budgerigar that talks, do read this book first. It will not only give you a clear idea of the work involved, it will also instruct you on how to select a budgerigar that will talk.



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