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Good Authors Are Artists

‘Their brushes are words but their paint is emotion and their canvas is the inside of the human mind’.

Rex Sumner

Writing Your Book

Writing is a lonely business.

You cannot do it alone.

MyVoice Publishing is here for you with coaching and style analysis to suit your needs.


Smile when you finish your book, love the moment!
The real work starts now….

You will need to re-write your book about ten times, constantly improving and polishing it.

When your book is ready for the world, you have two options.

Marketing Your Book

If you want her to read your book, she will need to know about it.

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Ensuring your voice stays strong in your book

Giving you the tools to be in control of your own success

MyVoice provides choice to authors.

Whether you wish to self-publish or have the work done for you, we are here to help you turn your book idea into a vibrant and successful published title, or simply make it available to the world.

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Every year 50,000 books are published.

Of that 50,000, less than 1000 will sell more than one hundred copies. Our challenge is to ensure your book is one of that thousand. There are three areas we must address to ensure your book succeeds: three areas where MyVoice provides support and expertise.

First it must be written to the best of your ability, and there are a variety of techniques to suit different writers. Secondly it must be laid out in an attractive manner with a beautiful, well designed cover.

Finally it must be marketed.  And the marketing starts now.

Ready to publish your book

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Step1. Writing

A well written book is your first step towards publishing success.

Writing Inspiration


Beautiful writing comes from inspiration.
Make sure you fill your life with magical moments that light up and inspire you.
Nature is a wonderful gift for relaxing the mind and unleashing your imagination to run riot.
Now you must capture the inspiration, write it down.


Books need structure.
Readers expect it and are happy with a solid opening, entertaining body, rousing finale and satisfying conclusion.
Ensure your story follows these precepts.
Characters must develop. Introduce them to the reader and let them see their growth and learning.

Writing Tools

MyVoice has the tools to support you in being the best writer you can be.

MyBook Success Review

The biggest urban myth in the publishing arena is that your book on its own is going to make you rich. Together we review your offering from where you are at and educate you how to achieve the success you desire. 


Identify bad habits now to save hours later. We offer a fast automated software analysis of your writing style and a manual professional report covering the storyline, realism, character development, interest and grammatical observations.


Writing is a lonely business. Your coach is your support, your friend guiding your writing process. MyVoice Elite is mentoring to make you the best writer possible.
Both packages include our Automatic Critique writing style analysis.


Good quality boosts uptake. Our associates are on hand to produce your book to the highest quality with Proof Reading, Line Editing and Copy Editing.
We ensure you book is accurate, flows, is consistent and legal.
High standards work!

Step 2. Publishing

Excellent presentation and making your book available world-wide are essential to your success.


A very small number of writers acquire an agent, and a smaller number see their agent get them a deal as the book world becomes more difficult and publishers become less inclined to take a risk on new authors. MyVoice provide a secondary Publishing alternative to those whose books are of sufficient standard, which is to publish their book with the author meeting some of the costs.


Alternatively, if you would like to Self-Publish, there are many hurdles on the way and MyVoice is there beside you to ensure you clear each one in fine style, even setting you up with CreateSpace and Kindle accounts where your royalties are paid directly to you. You may select from our many offerings exactly which services you require to set your beautiful book out into the public eye.

Publishing Road Map

Submit your book

Send your edited book to us in Word Format. We can critic your book if you require. (We can arrange editing and proofing if you require).


We typeset and layout the pages based on your requirements ready for publishing. (Nothing says Self-Published more than a poor layout).


Given your graphic, we will lay out your cover for you based on the books final size. (We also offer full cover service if you require).


We distribute to major wholesalers including Ingrams, Gardners & Bertrams, and online bookstores (Amazon etc.), or assist your Self-Publish.

Step 3. Marketing

Marketing is the key to your financial success.


MyVoice offer an affordable, comprehensive marketing strategy and guarantee to get your book into the Amazon best sellers list.

We will connect you with your genres leading Influencers and use our Industry connections to give your book the exposure it deserves. We understand that most aspiring authors don’t have an enormous budget, however, it’s amazing what can be achieved with focused targeting.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Most people think that marketing is a book launch. It can be part of the process, however, without a good marketing strategy, all that effort goes to waste.

The MyVoice Success Plan provides you with the strategies required for marketing and to support ongoing sales of your book.

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